Our proposals are confidential – we can’t share them on the Internet. But clients and collaborators have a few kind words to say.

As an account director at Give Canada Fundraising, Jill worked closely with many of our clients to research and write major gift fundraising proposals.  Jill understands client needs and is able to articulate and conceptualize project goals. Her proposals were a significant contribution to our fundraising process. Jill is collaborative, professional, and a highly skilled writer and editor.

Pam Burns
Vice President
Give Canada Fundraising Corporation

Jill produced the content for a philanthropic case for support I was spearheading for the visual art program at UBC. She listened thoughtfully to our needs and helped to distill our broad ideas into a document that perfectly reflected the story of our faculty.  I highly recommend Jill for her professionalism, her ability to listen and her nuanced understanding of the philanthropic landscape in Canada.

Laura Quilici
Development Officer
Faculty of Arts
The University of British Columbia

In 2014, Jill took on the task of writing a case for support for the UBC Innocence Project at the Allard School of Law. The case she wrote clearly explains what the Innocence Project offers, not only to the wrongly convicted, but also to the legal profession and, more broadly, to Canadian civil society. To articulate the case, Jill researched our program thoroughly, worked closely with senior leadership and interviewed law students and supervising lawyers to describe their experience in the program. Jill was able to capture the complexities of the Innocence Project accurately and describe it in a way that makes people care about it. The result is a clear and compelling case that helps donors to understand the important social benefits of the program and how their support will make it stronger.

Kari Streelasky
Assistant Dean, External Relations
Peter A. Allard School of Law
The University of British Columbia

David is a smart and experienced collaborator, and a pleasure to work with. My work has been greatly improved and brought into sharper focus thanks to his valuable insights and well-considered recommendations.

Paul Myers, author

[David was] great to work with -- had strong ideas, approaches, was great with direction, and very collaborative.  I hope we can [work together] again.

Mark Bochsler
Director, CINEBOXX Film & Television Inc.

I have worked with David on many occasions over the years: he produced my short film “Mump and Smoot and the Princess Who Wouldn’t Smile” as well as my plays “Checkout Time” and “The Heart in a Bottle.” So it goes without saying that I find him a very intelligent, creative and dynamic individual.

Paul Quarrington, award-winning author