We can help at any stage of proposal development – researching and writing entirely new proposals, responding to RFPs and following criteria, enterprise pitching, reviewing existing proposals and making suggestions for improvement, and rewriting ineffective proposals. Our approach is considerate and highly collaborative.

We bring years of experience, a solid track record, attention to detail, and a focus on success to every proposal we produce.

Fundraising Proposals with IMPACT

We specialize in proposals and case for support documents – critical components of a successful fundraising strategy. We work closely with organizations to research, write and refine the message. We anticipate the donor’s interests, and meet these needs with information that is clear, correct and compelling.

Our fundraising proposals include:

Book and Film Proposals

We bring decades of experience in book and magazine publishing, in Canada and abroad, with experience in selling original publishing rights, sales to foreign markets and translation, and subsidiary rights including film adaptations.

We can help you to shape your proposal to improve your options for publication and production. We also work with literary agents to help their clients refine proposals.

Project Proposals

We are happy to consider opportunities to support any kind of proposal project or pitch, including new business development, events sponsorship, and public art projects.